This Thursday’s Child—What Troubles?

Joe here bets that you’ve had a time or two when you felt squeezed into a situation you couldn’t escape. Of course you have, I have too.

Back in those days, I could have used this shot as an antidote, if I’d had it. What does it teach me now?

Well, for starters, look out, away from what surrounds you. Keep your eyes wide open, while you wait for friends to arrive. If there are wrinkles in your forehead, let them be from raising your eyebrows in surprise: “Wow, you got here! I’m so glad to see you.” When you do see a familiar face, smile. If it doesn’t immediately solve the problem, at least there might be comedy in it.

No friends? Sorry, that’s a lie. The same God who created animals to make you laugh, also watches over you. Sometimes he sends spiritual angels, some times he sends helpful people, and sometimes, he sends Joe.