This Thursday’s Child—There’s Something about a Path

There’s something about a path that triggers my curiosity. Where does it go? What if I followed it for a while?

This one looks like a good number of people already know about it. The grass has been worn down to bare soil. Canopied by the trees’ generous branches and spotlit by sun-dapples, a stroll here could provide a number of story triggers, and photo opportunities all in one exploration. How often do we glance at a possibility and pass it by?

I’ve done that, more often than might have been good for me. Sometimes other commitments make it unwise to turn aside, at other times what deters me is lack of courage or laziness.

However, occasionally the opportunity can be redeemed. The path is still there, and perhaps the next time I’m at it’s head, I won’t have the same circumstance that once gave me pause. In the meantime, I have the memory, this photograph, and imagination. Something may come of it yet.