This Thursday’s Child—The Monarch

This Monarch queen emerged from her chrysalis in Sept 2008. I’d sheltered her through the last caterpillar stage, photographed her becoming the chrysalis, all the way through emergence, and carried her out onto my porch to her freedom.

I waited, she waited. She walked about on the bouquet. I took photos, shot after shot. What I wanted, most dreadfully, was the classic wings open pose.

She’d spread them part way, but not be standing at the right camera angle. I’d rotate the jar that held the bouquet. She’d move out of the angle. An impetuous red-headed three year old stopped by to see what was consuming my attention. I told him not to touch her. His father soon followed to provide more supervision.

I waited, she waited, they waited. I changed the batteries in the camera. The father and son left, and the Monarch gave me the fully spread pose I claimed to want, while looking straight into my lens and denying me the splendor of her wings. By this point, I was not amused, and if butterflies could speak she was probably shouting, “We are not amused.”

To top it all off, my reflexes weren’t quick enough to catch the moment of her first flight.

Yesterday, I took one of the photographs earlier in the shoot sequence and submitted it to a Canon photography contest.