This Thursday’s Child—In Mid Air

There’s a sculpture park and garden in my home town that has a large greenhouse. Every winter, they have a tropical butterfly release, with multiple species.

Usually guests jostle their way through almost elbow to elbow. Older adults seeking a few hours respite from a Michigan winter scarcely slow the enthusiastic rush of grade school field trips, no matter how many teachers and chaperoning parents attempt to corral them.

As short as I am, I frequently find my shots blocked by heads, elbows, and shoulders. Sometimes my camera amazes me. This was one of those shots. If I remember correctly, this is one of several varieties of Postman butterflies that was released that year.

I caught a flicker of motion, aimed the camera into the shadows of a plant, and pressed the button. The flash lightened the background nicely, catching this fellow in flight. The details of his antennae and coiled proboscis weren’t things I expected to see when I downloaded that day’s shots.

He’s almost sufficient consolation for the Blue Morpho that eluded me as my battery gave out.