This Thursday’s Child—So Close

Camouflage— sometimes it amazes and other times it doesn’t quite work. This moth, for instance, sheltering under a portico. It’s safe from a breakfast-seeking bird, but the morning sun has pointed it out to me. Does the creature perceive color enough to be aware that the blue gray in its wings could blend with the mortar?

The problem is that it has landed on the beige brick. It’s really fully exposed. I’m not a bird, so I want nothing from it but its image.

In some ways, I’m invisible. It can be comforting to think so. It’s safe to sit on the margins of a group and observe, rather than participate, but is that fully living? Probably not. The fact is, that although I deem myself invisible, I’m really no more camouflaged than this moth. God sees me as fully as though I’m standing in a spotlight.

He’s no more out to prey on me than I would munch this moth; I believe his thought is “There she is,” but he does want something from me. Not any image I can make for myself, but his image, pervading me.