Palm branches in Black and White

I am a Thursday’s child, with far to go. Some times so far, that I begin to believe I’ve missed my bus, train, or flight. There are days that having far to go is more daunting than inspiring. Still, I have opportunities left and right. This new blog is one of them. I’ll be sharing photos of things I’ve taken time to see, musings that accompany them, and hopes.

I’m a writer currently seeking publication, as are so many other creative people in the world. Many of them are more qualified than I to teach other would be authors.

Still, this waiting around for flights, buses and trains gives me time; time to read, time to see, time to document, and time to share, if anyone else cares to read.

I’ve loved books since I could read or be read to. They’ve taken me places I will never otherwise see. I’d like the novel I have in committee discussion now, to do the same for others one day. The whole process is like arranging leaflets on these branches, alternating small steps, bits of text, ideas, moods, until a vivid pattern emerges.

At this point, I think I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays after this.